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Let your customers give you the full story of their experience with your call center agent. Provide them with freedom to express their thoughts and feelings, and get a precise picture of how your agents performed. The actionable feedback brings valuable business insights and ideas for improvement. On top of that, Staffino allows you to respond to customers and solve any problem immediately, securing your customers' loyalty.

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2Ring Staffino Feedback Service helps to boost your contact center performance and optimize your approach to Quality Assurance. It has been developed to provide contact center supervisors with authentic feedback on specific staff members in a new, engaging way - your customers will be sent an e-mail or a text message after each call/chat conversations.

In comparison to IVR or recalling, the data show that Staffino has very high conversion rates of up to 25%. On average, 80% of all feedback is positive. Case studies prove that real-time sharing of positive feedback with each agent improves working morale and boosts agents' motivation.

Capture and resolve customer feedback fast and effectively  
Identify calls or chats that are not handled according to customers’ expectations  
Uncover the weaknesses and strengths of each agent  
Understand customer needs and expectations  
Motivate agents through real-time distribution of positive feedback from customers